A project to give second chance employment training to individuals in need in Washington County, MD & surrounding areas.

The three biggest issues facing Washington County are joblessness, drug addiction and previous incarceration. These three issues often exist together. There are limited job opportunities for people who have struggled with a past that follows them and the jobs that are available do not allow any chance for real life improvement.  While Hagerstown is an affordable city, it is virtually impossible to work for little more than minimum wage and save anything for an education.  And certain histories of incarceration preclude a person from receiving federally funded student loans, thereby virtually locking someone in poverty.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, psychological needs (food, warmth, water, rest) and safety needs (safety and security) are the basis of psychological well-being, followed by esteem, belonging and self-actualization. This means that to be fully happy, the most basic needs a person has are food, shelter, safety, etc…  These needs surpass all others. The first step in solving the socio-economic problems of hopelessness associated with rising poverty, drug use and unemployment is to give people the hope of a secure future.

Rise Up Hagerstown has partnered with Barr Construction Institute at Associated

Builders and Contractors Cumberland Valley Chapter (ABC CVC), a non-profit  trade

school organization that provides training for electricians, plumbers, welders, and other

skilled trades.  Rise Up Hagerstown will provide full-tuition scholarships for first year

training. Second year training is usually covered by internship employers. Rise Up

Hagerstown will be available throughout the training to provide ongoing support for 

those who qualify, assisting with help in any way possible to ensure your success. We

believe the more people are given a chance to better their life, the more everyone succeeds. The more people fall through the cracks, the more everyone fails. It benefits everyone in our community to see others succeed. You have worked hard to better your life, there is no reason your past should hold you back from improving your life financially and educationally as well. We commend your sobriety, rehabilitation, and recovery! 

Should you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions, feel free to contact us at info@riseuphagerstown.org.

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