Our Board of Directors

Catherine Messersmith


Catherine works in management at a local cold weather shelter and as a residential supervisor. She is the proud parent 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Amos McCoy

Member at Large

Amos is President & CEO of ABC Cumberland Valley. He also serves as the chair for Western Maryland Work Force Development. Amos enjoys playing the trombone and is an auctioneer in his spare time. He is happily married and a proud parent.

Christopher Bennett

Member at Large

Christopher is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. He is board certified in family psychiatry and addictions. Christopher is happily married and the proud parent of two children.


Member at Large

This position is currently vacant and waiting to be filled.

Rob Apgar-Taylor


Rob is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ.  He has a  Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry with a concentration in spirituality. He lives in Hagerstown with his husband (a D.C.Police Officer) and has 5 children and three young grandchildren. As a progressive Christian leader, Rob believes and teaches that social justice is an expression of our faith.

Tina Fraley

Vice President

Tina is a personal trainer at Zeal Fitness, Life Coach at FitMinded Living, & writer for SASS Magazine. She has a Masters of Community Mental Health & Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Tina is happily married and proud parent of 7 children.

Michael Jones


Michael is an administrator, having served with the Marine Corps and Maryland Army National Guard in this field and with Connections Six Eight. He has an Associates degree in General Studies and is pursuing his bachelors in psychology. Michael lives in Hagerstown with his pets and mother.

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